Gmail Addon ESPOCRM integration.

GMAIL-ESPOCRM@WORK is a GMAIL addon that allows the user of an organization to connect the emails received or sent to the CRM context, specifically ESPOCRM platform, based on the following rules:

> matching of the sender of the selected message and identification of the entity in ESPOCRM by searching contacts, accounts and leads.

> In case of no-matching the user has the possibility to customize the search and the entity type or to create a task without a reference.

> In case of non-matching the user can modify the email to search and try to  connect to the linked entity the a new element (task, opportunity, ticket)

> In case of matching or successful registration of the entity, as previously described, the user will have the possibility to create a new task, an opportunity or a ticket with, in this last case, also to save the selected email in ESPOCRM.
For tickets the user can chose the assigner. The default is the actual user. But with the selection input the assigner can be changed as desired.

When a new entity is successfully created, the original email thread is marked with a label to keep the evidence.
The ID of the email thread is stored in the entity created in EspoCRM, to avoid duplicate of the same operation for the same user. User will be warned about this with a message and a link to open the existing entity.


Thank to ESPOCRM configuration, user will be notified of the new assigned entity by email or popup alert. 

No extra software needs to be installed, addon will work with standard google g-suite account.